Aqua Via Spa

Extra SPATEX space for booming distributors

Booming hot tub and swim spa brands are ramping up their presence at SPATEX 2018 after booking extra exhibitor stand space at the 22nd edition of the wet leisure showcase in Coventry. Thriving USA brand specialist distributor Aqua Warehouse Group, who supply the WhatSpa? and WhatSwimSpa? Best Buy Award-winning L.A Spas and Vita Spa hot tubs […]

Hot tub duo from Spanish manufacturer

Spanish hot tub manufacturer Aquavia Spa is aiming to attract British dealers to promote its ‘Made in Europe’ products after launched the new Wave and Sunset models to its blossoming range for the spring season. With a total of 68 jets each, 12 air nozzles and two massage pumps, the Wave and Sunset models are […]