BP: Fitness Trade Show

Revamped show opens without hot tubs

Hot tub distributors and specialist wet leisure companies who have previously exhibited at the UK Pool & Spa Expo and Hot Tub Living Expo have not been lured to the new BodyPower: Fitness Trade Show. New Events, as part of a high-profile collaborating with their BP: Fitness Trade Show counterparts, had hoped that another reboot […]

Hot tub dealers gaining O-Care boost

Water care product company Dutch Water Concepts is providing a sales boost for its British network of dealers by ramping up its promotional activities for O-Care with an advertising campaign to target prospective hot tub owners. A special advertising feature in the 2017 edition of consumer magazine WhatSpa? is highlighting the fact that new owners […]

Unique opportunity to generate new customers

Hot tub and wet leisure product suppliers are being urged to use the Pool and Spa section of the BodyPower: Fitness Trade Show as a unique opportunity to generate awareness and potential new customers. The New Events team, who previously organised the former UK Pool & Spa Expo and Hot Tub Living Expo exhibitions, are […]

Rebrand announced to hot tub specialists

Hot tub and wet leisure specialists who are planning to promote their products at Leisure Industry Week in September have been informed that it has now been rebranded as the BodyPower: Fitness Trade Show. This year the former UK Pool & Spa Expo and Hot Tub Living Expo exhibitions run by New Events have been […]