Dedicated hot tub display at consolidated headquarters

Members of the USA division of Dutch hot tub and swim spa specialist Passion Spas have officially launched a consolidated facility in Michigan that has a new dedicated showroom area to promote the latest designs.

Passion Spas USA Showroom Opening pictureUp until last year Passion Spas USA sales and dealer services operated out of an office in downtown Holland, Michigan, with inventory and parts at a separate location across town at 588 E. 40th Street. Now all of the services are being conducted at the 40th Street facility, pictured, as part of combined Passion Spas USA headquarters.

Along with the Passion Spas models, including the new Felicity, Desire and Repose, the facility is fully stocked with Almost Heaven saunas. The new showroom also features authentic Finnish saunas by Harvia, the premier sauna manufacturer in Finland, as well as a full line of Radiant Series infrared saunas.

It is the latest chapter of Passion Spas USA as part of the fledgling relationship with Dutch hot tub and swim spa specialist Passion Spas and Almost Heaven Saunas President Rick Mouw who teamed up to expanded the customer base of the Chinese-manufactured brand into the USA market. In recent years Rick has also helped Passion Spas to promote products during British exhibitions including the UK Pool & Spa Expo, which has now been renamed Hot Tub Living Expo, and SPATEX.

Rick conducted a tour of the Passion Spas USA headquarters facility as part of the official launch for specially invited guests who had the opportunity to view a selection of Passion Spas models as well as Almost Heaven’s indoor and outdoor sauna designs. He also spoke about how the company hopes to contribute to the local economy in Michigan.

“Moving to this new space across town has enabled us to begin adding to the Passion Spas USA team,” said Rick.

“Growing the number of staff is a result of a brand that is becoming increasingly respected and represented across the Midwest and across the country, and the way things are moving now is the way they will continue this year.

“We’ve been hand-crafting beautiful saunas for nearly 40 years at our West Virginia manufacturing facility, and we have had our international headquarters in Holland for years, but we have not had a bricks-and-mortar showroom here before now.”

Jane Grady, who has represented the Passion Spas brand in the United States and Canada and attended high-profile exhibitions including the International Pool Spa Patio Expo since the launch of Passion Spas USA, has welcomed the benefits gained by the new consolidated facility.

As part of the official launch Jane reported that the enhanced facility will allow her to serve her Passion Spas USA dealers with increasing efficiency. Parts can be sent out immediately and dealers can also take advantage of the new showroom area for showcasing a wide selection of Passion Spas models.

“For dealers who might not have a particular model on their showroom floor this will be a wonderful advantage,” said Jane.

“Anyone can visit the showroom. Dealers may visit with their customers, and if a customer arrives prior to connecting with a dealer, the Passion Spas team can put them in touch with a dealer in their area.”

Jane reported that his showroom will also serve as the setting for dealer sales training that Passion Spas USA hopes to implement in the near future.

“The purpose of these classes and seminars will be to better equip Passion Spa dealers to sell their products by highlighting unique features and strong benefits that are unmatched by any competitor,” said Jane.

Passion Spas founder Dolf Nieland has pledged to produce new models for the USA division every year, as well as for his thriving European network, after gaining 6,000 sales last year.

“We are very close to our customers and hear what they say,” said Dolf. “So we can then introduce some of their suggestions in our future models. Our intention is to be constantly developing and launching new hot tub and swim spa products.

“Even our best selling models need changes and we are now working on the upgrades before we attend the Piscine exhibition in Lyon to officially launch them for 2017.”