Enhanced unity for technical staff

Leading hot tub and wet leisure product powerhouse Certikin has enhanced its free expertise and customer advice service after a summer revamp for the Technical Offices at its Oxfordshire headquarters.

The SPATEX loyalist; who distribute the Caldera Spas and Fantasy Spas hot tub ranges in the UK from iconic USA manufacturer Watkins Wellness, along with a wide range of pool and wet leisure products such as the OC-1 ‘future of swimming pool filtration’; has gained a strong reputation within the industry for its pedigree expertise from its many specialists in hot tubs, pools, H&V and water treatment procedures. The company has now provided its staff members who make up the dedicated 25-strong Technical Team with an even greater unified capability to serve its large customer base with exceptional product knowledge and installation guidance under ‘one roof’.

As part of the recent enhancements, the Witney-based HQ has gained the benefit from a consolidation of its technical support services following on from the Certikin North Technical team transitioning from the manufacturing hub for the company’s market-leading liners and covers in Leeds earlier this year. Now, following a summer reboot and refurbishment, the entire team is located in one refreshed room, pictured, that is newly-painted and carpeted and has been fitted with specialist new furniture, including modern desks, that has enabled the company to maximise space in the Technical Offices.

Certikin Executive Sales Manager Bruce Coppuck revealed that there are additional ‘hot desks’ for Area Sales Executives to sit at when they are at the Oxfordshire HQ along with the dedicated new desks for the 25 technical specialists.

“Always looking to stay ahead of the game, we felt that bringing all the technical teams together would increase the department’s efficiency and the sharing of expertise,” reported Bruce; “The challenge was to do it without demolishing any walls and within the constraints of our existing building.

“The solution lay with good design and planning and the introduction of new, modern desks, chairs and monitor arms that allow more people to sit in the same area without compromising comfort or efficiency. The members of each division are all now sitting in close proximity to one another.

“It works fantastically because often a customer’s technical query is two-pronged, involving more than one area of expertise.

“In addition, to 25 technical specialists, we have two extra ‘hot desks’ for our Area Sales Executives (Reps) to sit at when they are in the office. It’s a win, win situation for the customer!”

H&V and Auto Sales Manager Jo Catterall has welcomed the Technical Office’s revamped facilities for the specialist team members and reported that it has enhanced communication between departments and boosted team spirit and unity.

“Although there are more people in the Technical Office, the space feels much bigger,” divulged Jo; “Not only has it enhanced communication and understanding between the departments, it has also been a boost for team spirit and camaraderie.

“We’re all experts in our field, but we feel like one team now. And, there’s nothing like working in a newly-painted, freshly carpeted office complete with new furniture, to lift the spirits on a drab autumn day. Fully revitalised, we’re ready for the 2018 season to start!”

This year Certikin has been celebrating landing the prestigious Caldera Spas top global dealer title thanks to the efforts in the previous 12 months of its pedigree Caldera Spas dealer network that is helping promote the new look Utopia Series in the UK, which was showcased at the 21st anniversary edition of SPATEX and subsequently has gained a brace of 2017 WhatSpa? Best Buy Awards for the six-seater Tahitian, and the imposing eight-seater Cantabria. The six-seater Marino model from the Vacanza Series also gained WhatSpa? Best Buy Award accolade in the latest edition of the consumer magazine.

The SPATEX loyalist, who announced the appointment of David Steptoe to Certikin Product Manager to help oversee the Caldera Spas dealer network, will now be gearing up for another high-profile exhibitor appearance to promote its products to current and prospective hot tub dealers at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry for the 22nd edition of the wet leisure showcase, running from Tuesday, January 30, to Thursday, February 1; but if you require further information about becoming a dedicated Caldera Spas dealership than call Certikin directly on 01993 778855.

For stand bookings for SPATEX 2018 contact the SPATEX team via email: helen@spatex.co.uk or michele@spatex.co.uk or telephone directly on: +44 (0) 1264 358558.