Hot Tub Living Expo spotlight

Major hot tub and swim spa brands will be under the spotlight with distributors aiming to attract pedigree dealers to their British retailing networks during the Hot Tub Living Expo at the Birmingham NEC.

hot-tub-living-expo-birmingham-nec-pictureWhen the former UK Pool & Spa Expo opens as the renamed Hot Tub Living Expo on Monday, October 24, visitors will be able to see new and exclusive products, UK brand debuts and leading hot tub and swim spa brand suppliers. Ahead of the two-day exhibition in Hall 11 of the NEC there will also be a chance to gain a sneak preview of the products and opportunity to meet with exhibitors during a special Exhibitor VIP evening on Sunday, October 23rd.

Companies and brands signed up as exhibitors and appearing at the Hot Tub Living Expo include: 1 Stop Spas, Allseas Spas, Almost Heaven Saunas, Alp Spas, Aqua Bike UK, Aqua Spa Supplies, Aqua Warehouse Group, BAYROL, Biochemica, Cedartree, Charles Taylor Trading, Darlly Europe, EJ Bowman, Doric Marketing, Espresso Essentials, Everything Towelling, Fonteyn Spas, Hydropool, Innova Spas, La Hacienda, L.A. Spas, LA-Z-BOY Spas, Laticrete, Loop-Loc, Lovibond Tintometer, Marquis, O-care, OCM Products Ltd, Passion Spas, Platinum Spas, Pollet Pool Group, Poseidon Hot Tubs, Riviera Pool, Saturn Spares, SCS Concepts, Signature Weave, SpaTech Training, Spa Solutions, Spa Time By BAYROL, Spa Solutions, Summit Leisure, Superior Spas, Swimex, Viking Spas, Vita Spas, and Wellis.

Aqua Warehouse Group is among a small band of loyal exhibitors who have supported every UK Pool & Spa Expo and Hot Tub Living Expo exhibition hosted by the New Events team at the NEC and will be aiming to utilise a large stand presence on Stand A33 to increase its share of the wet leisure market by promoting its flourishing range of USA manufactured hot tub and swim spa products, as well as its wet leisure accessories supplied by its Aqua Spa Supplies division.

The exclusive L.A Spas and Vita Spa distributor has been nourishing its British network with pedigree product lines linked to strong support and will be using the Hot Tub Living Expo platform to promote the launch of the cutting-edge Vita Spa VL4 Swim Spa model.

“The right dealers in the right places are still going to be made welcome,” said Aqua Warehouse chief Richard Hart.

“We’ve got everything set up to help our dealers achieve their goals and people who’ve had their eye on us for a number of years are now talking to us about opportunities that we can make available to them.”

Visitors to the Aqua Warehouse Group stand will be able to discover more about the L.A Spas and Vita Spa models that are now being produced with new Northern Exposure 3M Thinsulate insulation, which Vita Spa Dealer Manager Graham Message Graham believes it is a major boost for dealers.

“I never thought that we could improve on the existing insulation but we have certainly done that now and taken the next step of taking it up another level,” said Graham.

Specialist wet leisure product company Aqua Spa Supplies is helping its growing legion of dealers to capitalise on the booming wet leisure market with increased capacity to store products.

The company has fitted a new mezzanine floor to boost capacity at its Chelmsford-based warehouse that is the exclusive supplier of the USA-manufactured End2End swim spa cover to the British market.

Aqua Spa Supplies Warehouse Manager John Mabey has been helping to promote the new End2End product line that was launched at the November edition of the UK Pool & Spa Expo last year to boost a growing stable of swim spa covers, which includes the fully-automated Covana Legend CS 1000 cover system.

“This End2End product has helped to generate a lot of interest,” said John. “It immediately eliminates the problem of having to potentially struggle on your own with a heavy swim spa cover.”

Thriving exclusive Wellis distributor and Superior Spas Managing Director Rob Carlin will have two stands to promote a flourishing array of hot tubs produced by Hungary-based manufacturer Wellis, which is another ever-present exhibitor continuing its successive run of appearance with the promotion of a new range of swim spa models including the new Rio Grande on Stand A23.

“We will be showcasing our Rio Grande Swim Spa at the Hot Tub Living Expo, which we didn’t exhibit last year at the UK Pool and Spa Expo, as part of our new product range for current and prospective dealers,” said Rob who will also be providing details of the Superior Spas range on Stand B22.

Among the companies making a return to the NEC to target hot tub and swim spa dealers will be Cedartree Products Ltd to promote a lavish range of enclosures and help extend its presence in the market on Stand B42.

Thanks to a strong exhibitor and marketing policy, the Stokenchurch-based company has built up a network of over 100 retailers at hot tub and swim spa dealerships after targeting the wet leisure trade audience directly in recent years with successful appearances at the former UK Pool and Spa Expo to highlight its specialist UK factory facility linked to a nationwide delivery and installation service.

Tony and Richard Fearnehough, the father and son team spearheading the success of  Cedartree Products Ltd, have gained a strong advantage in the market by creating a wide range of hot tub and swim spa structures crafted using the finest Western Red Cedar.

“Whatever the requirements, we have the designs and capability to meet the demand for a very sophisticated structure or just a simple one,” said Tony Fearnehough.

“If dealers are not supplying and selling enclosures then they are missing out on an important element of the wet leisure market.

“Dealers are increasingly returning to the philosophy that gazebos and lodges are part and parcel of the wet leisure industry, because they increase the demand and use for hot tubs and swim spas.”

Almost Heaven Saunas will be showcasing its products during the Hot Tub Living Expo on a shared Stand A1 with Fonteyn Spas and Passion Spas. The Michigan-based sauna company currently produces Barrel Saunas to accommodate two to eight individuals that are becoming increasingly popular with hot tub dealers in the UK as part of flourishing complete outdoor wellness living product packages.

These options include the Pinnacle Nordic Spruce model, which is scheduled to be promoted during the exhibition, along with other production options, that retailers and their customers can now choose between three types of lumber: the new Nordic Spruce, Clear Western Red Cedar, and Rustic Western Red Cedar.

“This enlarged selection makes it easier for customers to choose a sauna that best complements their home,” said Almost Heaven spokesperson Becky Vandenberg.

Fonteyn Spas and Passion Spas founder Dolf Nieland and his brother Arno had been undertaking a major expansion at their Holland headquarters before the greater part of their operations went up in smoke in July during a devastating fire. Within the 350,000 square-foot showroom in Uddel, there had been an extensive display of products. Along with hot tubs and swim spas there were also outdoor grills and kitchens, leisure furniture and accessories.

Thankfully, no one was injured in the blaze and emergency services were able to save the inventory of Passion Spas products that were in storage. Arno reported that this has played a significant part in the company being able to bounce straight back to most of its extensive activities.

As part of its Hot Tub Living Expo display area the Passion Spas exhibition team will be promoting new models including the Mirage. With its cubical layout and geometric lines, the Mirage has a clean and progressive design and features subtle backlighting positioned behind the molded pillows and around the perimeter of the spa under the shell lip, as well as high-performance hybrid heating.

“We have done a lot since the fire,” said Arno; “We have a beautiful temporarily showroom, with 50 hot tubs and five swim spas.

“Sales have been really good. Also, because we have been lucky that our stocks have not been damaged, deliveries have been going in full speed, we did not miss one

Leading Marquis and Vita Spa hot tub and swim spa dealer and 1 Stop Spa chief Chris Brady will be making his debut as an exhibitor at the event to promote DryCase and SteelCore products on a special display area highlighting SpaTech Training and the Marquis range on Stand B18 and will be joined by a large contingent of new exhibitors.

During the Hot Tub Living Expo Chris will be promoting various exclusive offers dedicated to various DryCase and SteelCore products purchases that are signed during the exhibition.

Anyone who purchases £500 worth of DryCase Products, which are featured in the latest edition of WhatSpa? Magazine, will receive a free counter top display that is worth £120. There will also be a 10 per cent discount on all orders placed for the SteelCore Security Straps during the exhibition.

“There is demand from retailers for these products,” said Chris; “As a retailer you have always got to be moving forward with enhancing your showroom and introducing new products.

“If you want people to come and visit your showroom then you have to make every effort to generate publicity for it and make it an attractive destination with plenty of choice of quality hot tubs and swim spas and accessories.”

USA hot tub brand Marquis is currently aiming to hit new heights in the British wet leisure market to eclipse record-breaking sales by promoting its latest models and swim spa fleet to prospective dealers during the Hot Tub Living Expo.

The only employee-owned hot tub manufacturer in the world is looking to build on record global sales performance by its UK and international dealer network to continue its success with new hot tub and swim spa designs. These include the advanced Aquatic Training Vessel (ATV) fleet of swim spas and advanced Vector 21 range of hot tubs.

Oregon-based Marquis has been rewarded for implementing a successful Dealer Direct strategy for its Celebrity Series, e-Series and Signature Series of hot tubs coupled with its extensive promotional activities during high-profile international exhibitions including the UK Pool & Spa Expo.

As well as successfully introducing ATV to the British and European markets the manufacturer has reaped rich rewards for incorporating MicroSilk technology in its hot tub production. Thanks to this technology, the brand’s Epic Ultimate with MicroSilk soared to the top of the sales charts in the UK and throughout Europe.

“Our Epic Ultimate with Microsilk has hands down been our best seller both in the UK and across all of Europe,” said Marquis Spas Director of Global Sales Steve Hasenmueller.

Since its previous appearance at the UK Pool & Spa Expo, the manufacturer has reacted to the initial ATV success by extending its options to include the ATV-17 Kona, ATV-17 Sport, ATV-14 Sport and the ATV-14 Splash and Marquis President and CEO John Schrenk believes the additions now provide current and prospective dealers with options to satisfy the demands of competitive athletes and owners with family members who have various swimming and exercise capabilities.

“We have expanded our ATV line to meet the growing demand for a variety of customers, from the serious athlete to a family looking to spend time together,” he said.

Aqua Bike UK will be another inaugural exhibitor for the event and is showcasing for the first time in the UK the new and dynamic Aqua Bike on Stand C39. This single person spa chamber comes with a pedal facility allowing the user to work out whilst benefiting from the same sort of massage as a traditional spa, thus helping burn calories whilst not straining muscles.

Espresso Essential will be utilising its first appearance as an exhibitor to serve great coffee from their specially adapted Range Rover Overfinch.  Visitors to Stand B32 will be able to check out their bean to cup coffee machines, which are perfect for showrooms, leisure facilities and offices. They offer unlimited earning potential and what is even better is the full price of the machine is covered by free drinks so you are cash positive from day one. 

Other new exhibitor recruits include: La Hacienda, Innova Spas, La-Z-Boy Spas, OCM Products, Platinum Spas, Poseidon Hot Tubs, Saturn Spares, Riviera Pool, and Signature Weave.

“Hot Tub Living Expo will have the largest selection of hot tubs and swim spas on show anywhere in the UK,” said New Events Director Claire Saunders; “Plus with the introduction of outdoor furniture, hot tub screens, heating, spares, chemicals, pool covers, and other ancillary products the event is definitely one not to miss.”

Meanwhile, La Hacienda, one of the first companies to bring authentic Mexican clay chimineas into the UK, will be showcasing some of their innovative outdoor heating and cooking products in ‘The Marketplace’, which is a new feature for the renamed Hot Tub Living Expo.

This part of the exhibition, according to Claire, has been designed especially with new start up companies in mind or for companies that maybe unable to dedicate staff resources or simply just want to try the new event without a large outlay.

To maximize its presence in The Marketplace Saturn Spares, which provides bespoke covers for all hot tubs, will be offering a 20 per cent discount to all customers making their first order.

Other Marketplace exhibitors scheduled for this dedicated area of the exhibition are: EJ Bowman, Laticrete, Loop-Loc, Lovibond Tintometer, OCM Products Ltd, and Swimex.

“The Hot Tub Living Marketplace takes its inspiration from the many national pavilions which we organise globally,” explained Claire. “An open plan concept will provide each participant with a display space of either a podium, counter, showcase or similar; together with a display for literature.

“Signage above the marketplace will further support these participants with their branding and logos enjoying a strong presence on the show floor.

“To complement this there will be a central area for discussions with clients and a central tea and coffee station will provide the participants of this area with a warming and relaxing environment to engage with customers and attendees.”

 The New Events team has also lined up live seminars, forums and debates running over the two days so attendees can join in on discussions and find out what are the key challenges and opportunities for hot tub and swim spa dealers, along with specialists from the wet leisure industry.

During his first appearance as an exhibitor 1 Stop Spas chief Chris Brady, as part of his SpaTech Training promotion, will be helping to highlight best practice policies and ways in which retailers can help improve aftercare to customers during a special ‘Aftercare Forum’ session from 11am on Monday.

The forum will be covering three main subjects. These are scheduled to be: ‘Calcium Stearate – What is it and what can be done about it?’; ‘Cowboy Traders – Unsafe practices and how it can be combated’; ‘Education and Training – Training our way to a more professional industry’.

Doric Marketing Chief Dorian Davies will be running the first of his ‘How to put a marketing strategy together, and why have one’ seminars at 3pm on Monday, which will be repeated at 1pm on Tuesday.

As part of the seminar to cover various elements of a planning and implementing a marketing strategy, Dorian will highlight advice and tips on ‘Goal Setting’; ‘How to put a marketing strategy together’; ‘Identifying target consumers’; ‘Overview of different ways to reach target consumers’; and ‘Integrating different types of reach’. The Doric Marketing seminars will also highlight the ‘Importance of follow-up’; ‘Measuring results’, and ‘Analysing to hone strategy (i.e. rinse & repeat)’.

In addition to ‘The Great Hot Tub Debate’ that is also scheduled to take place during the Hot Tub Living Expo, the Pollet Pool Group will also be running a forum on ‘Hot Tub Water Treatment and what to tell your customers’ at 2pm on Monday and Tuesday, by Jimmy Lamb who will be providing tips and advice to give at the point of initial enquiry, commissioning and after sales.

Throughout the exhibition there will be the opportunity to chat with Jimmy and check out SpaTime water treatment range for hot tubs by BAYROL and other BAYROL products and a new BAYROLab, water analysis system on the Pollet Pool Group’s Stand B38, which will also have details of the Poseidon range of four simple to understand hot tubs that can be offered on a quick delivery basis.

“Along with great products and exciting offers there will be a series of free seminars and live debates running over the event,” said Claire.

Visitors to the Hot Tub Living Expo, which is supporting and highlighting the efforts of the Just A Drop international water aid charity that was launched in 1998 to help reduce child mortality by delivering clean and safe water, will be able to take advantage of free parking, free wifi, and a host of special offers and deals exclusive to the exhibition.

The Hot Tub Living Expo will be open to trade visitors from 10am to 5pm on Monday, October 24, and 10am to 4pm on Tuesday, October 25. A special VIP Evening is also scheduled to take place ahead of the exhibition on Sunday, October 23, from 5pm to 8pm to allow exhibitors to promote their new products and meet with VIP Ticket holders.

To find out more details about any of the various elements of the event, including the VIP Preview Evening or Forum and Seminar Schedule, contact the team at New Events directly on + 44 1428 609 382 or email